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The Traveling Music Studio

private voice lessons from the comfort of your home

About Me

 Hello! My name is Courtney McMullin.

Based out of Utah County, I offer both in-person lessons and virtual lessons.


I believe in the natural strength of the voice and approaching from a foundation in mind/body/spirit connection. 

I specialize in techniques that improve tone, breath support, musicality, increase range, and provide the artist with all-around healthy vocal habits.

It is my belief that good technique is just the basis from which we artists share our stories. True performers are born from their connection and their willingness to be honest and vulnerable in service of the stories we tell. 

As a Vocal Performance Coach, I teach my students the skills required to become well-rounded Performers and Storytellers throughout all aspects of the voice.

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I graduated from Southern Utah University with a BFA in Musical Theatre Performance and have performed all over the Midwest and in several cities on the East Coast.


In addition to running my vocal studio, I also work with Salem Hills High School as the Music Director and Assistant Coach for their theatre program, as well as an Assistant for their Choir Program. When I'm not running my own lessons, or working at the high school, you can find me performing on stage!

I have been singing and performing my whole life and have 20 years of experience playing the piano and reading music. I also have over a decade worth of experience teaching and taking professional voice lessons.

I've worked with professional vocal coaches from national tours, Broadway studios, and Musical Composers and ​I can't wait to share with you what I've learned!

Vocal Studio

build | strengthen | sustain



Great for students 12yrs+,

Beginner Vocal Packages include weekly 30min lessons.

Beginner lessons are for those who enjoy singing but have little to no formal training or performing experience.

We cover basic singing techniques that will give students a foundation of healthy habits on which to build their talents and confidence upon.



Great for students 14yrs+, Intermediate Vocal Packages include weekly 45min lessons.

Intermediate lessons are for those who enjoy performing and want to learn how to navigate the voice as it grows and matures.

In addition to building healthy foundations, we will learn how to incorporate better acting and storytelling in order to strengthen our performance work. 


Great for students 17yrs+,

Advanced Vocal Packages include weekly 60min lessons.

Advanced lessons are for those who strive to perform and continue on a professional level.

In addition to building healthy foundations and strengthening storytelling, we will work on the ability to sustain professional habits through advanced techniques and audition preparations.

Other Services

In addition to monthly voice lesson packages, I also offer drop-in lessons for those who are looking for occasional coaching.


These lessons are great for students who are preparing for auditions or short-term performing engagements. 

I also offer digital coaching, via Zoom, for those out-of-town students preparing while at university or on contract. 

Drop-In Lessons

$100/60min Lesson

Drop-In Lessons are held in accordance to the flexibility needs of each student and scheduled on a case-by-case basis. 

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Contact Me!

Thank you for reaching out!

"Courtney Is The Best Voice Teacher!"

"Courtney is the best voice teacher I've ever had! I've had a lot of struggles with confidence in my voice and I've started to realize how much she's truly shown me. I can sing out loud and proud! Thank you, Courtney!!"

-Samantha M.

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